Another 365 Project?


When i finished recording my 365th song in 2014 for my ‘365 Sparks’ project, i found myself wavering equally between wanting to instantly start another 365 project [in time to launch on January 1st 2015] and promising myself i’d never do another, ever!! In the end i decided to focus solely on 365 Sparks as i quickly found it required pretty much all my attention. It was a mammoth task to get those songs out daily with all the extras i had invited to the party, so with hindsight i can look back and say it was the correct decision to have put the scribbles project on ice at that moment.

In late 2015, i remembered all about the scribbles project and set about making it come to life in time for 2016. A new schedule meant i was getting up at 5am each morning, so i found myself with time in which to be creative, but strictly ‘silently’ creative – so tapping on a keyboard suited my situation down to the ground. Just like 365 Sparks, my goal was to compose a single poem each day of the year and that’s what i did [and it was a lot of fun].

Why ‘Scribbles?’
I still find digital ink ‘cold’ and wanted to add some personality to these poems, so each one will be handwritten and scanned. It’s as simple as that.

12 new poetry books will be created from these 365 poems – each one a monthly collection released on the last day of that month. Unlike my sparks project, in which each monthly collection was simply named after the month, the scribbles project have actual names.

These are;

✚ Yellow Taxi Blues
✚ Little Bones Made of Candyfloss
✚ Head Distortion
✚ Typewriter Brainstorm
✚ The Source Code of the Way Things Used to Be
✚ Blackbirds Sleeping in a Crashed Plane
✚ A Hot Air Balloon to Heaven
✚ Bleeding Watercolours
✚ Origami Tsunami
✚ Black Eyed Organs
✚ Sleeping with Insomniacs
✚ Et In Arcadia Ego

I hope some of you will check out the poetry-dailies and maybe even purchase a book or two. If you’ve ever enjoyed my song lyrics, then you’ll definitely find a lot imaginative thought-provoking word imagery contained within these books, even if i do say so myself!

See you on the next #365 Project 🙂

Daveit Ferris.